The Miner's Son

Improving presence and perception

Case Study


Provide them with an online presence that changes their existing perceptions by showcasing the relaxed culture and impressive culinary experience.


Knack Digital worked with graphic designer Raymond Brand to build a website that improves their online brand awareness while assisting restaurant reservations.

The Miner's Son website on desktop
The Miner's Son website on desktop


The new website presents an inviting experience. For every page, a customized look was was designed and executed to best represent their content in a concise and meaningful way. The design/layout is responsive: from a simple mobile, stacked layout to a more complex layout on desktop.

Search Engine Optimization

The new web property includes structured data to assist with search engine indexing.


A reservation form was developed to make it easier for users to reserve a table at specified times to fit within their shortened hours of operations.

The Miner's Son website on mobile