NVC Olsonfab

Transform website into a comprehensive sales tool

Case Study


Create a website to be used as a comprehensive sales tool.


Clean and dynamic design that showcases products and case studies while promoting interaction between client and business.

NVC Olsonfab website on desktop

Dynamic Design

Knack Digital worked with 9 Lives Design to create a customized look for the NVC Olsonfab website. On each page, Knack Digital developed an animated sound wave that starts loud and fades out towards the right side of the screen, bringing the NVC Olsonfab logo to life and engaging clients.

NVC Olsonfab website on tablet

Products & Case Studies

Product and Case Study pages allow potential customers to educate themselves while viewing images intuitively.

Mobile Responsive and Cross-Browser Compatible

NVC Olsonfab website is developed for all screen sizes and also supports earlier versions of IE.

NVC Olsonfab website on mobile